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Under The Hood

Published on January 16th, 2014 | by hostworks

Under The Hood

Originating from South Dakota and on air since 1990, Under the Hood provides automotive industry news, trends, and advice for consumers and professionals alike.

Shannon Nordstrom


Shannon Nordstrom is the president of Nordstrom’s Auto Recycling and has served as Chairman of the Auto Recyclers Association-ARA and many other industry committees such as South East VoTech guiding the growth of new, young automotive professionals. Shannon has been working in the industry his entire life and has grown up in the family business which was established in 1969. Shannon is a proud family man always willing to help someone out and is well respected in the Automotive community. Shannon has a humorous nature which ads levity as well as knowledge to every episode of Under the Hood.

Russ Evans

Russ Evans is an ASE master technician and a native of Detroit, the Motor City so it’s no wonder he ended up in an automotive profession. Russ has served as president of the SD. Automotive Service Association-ASA, and is a working Manager, Mentor, and Technician at Nordstrom’s Installation and Diagnostic Center. Russ started his automotive love when he was just five years old when his father brought home a 25 Model TT Ford Truck which he still has to this day.

Chris Carter

Chris Carter started his first job as a radio professional and has been doing it ever since. Host of the region’s most popular country morning show since 2004 as well as a lover of automobiles Chris adds humor and insight while keeping Russ and Shannon on a level everyone understands … a voice of the average listener.

Together they are the Motor Medics® of Under The Hood ®… and a proud part of the Automotive Experts Media Group.

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